Bride & Groom



Hi I’m Ben.

If you’re a friend of mine you’ll know already that I have a passion for music and I often start to fidget if I don’t have some kind of instrument to play. At one point in Uni I was part of seven bands at the same time so you’ll be pleased to know I’ve calmed down since then, although I still find it very hard to say ‘no’ if I’m invited to play anywhere.

Grace is everything I could ever want in a woman and much more – she also brings depth in many qualities that challenge me and will keep me growing for the rest of my life. Years ago one of my best friends Dave (groomsman – see below) said he wanted to marry his then-girlfriend Alex because he had come to love her more every day. I actually didn’t understand the concept back then but I’ve been living in it for a while now and I don’t see it ever changing.

p.s. Yes I know I’m punching above my weight, but please don’t tell her. So far she doesn’t seemed to have noticed.



My name is Grace. I am an extremely tall brunette, with a somewhat introverted nature but I do enjoy other humans and I have a great fondness for hearing people’s stories over a good cup of tea (preferably mint). I thoroughly enjoy nature (a passion that has been re-awakened over the last year), walking, music, baking, and warmth.
I absolutely love wacky things and enjoy a good laugh. I routinely pull faces when my mother wants me to ‘smile for the camera’! Which is a great source of frustration for her!

I have lived, loved, and laughed a lot since I moved to Southampton 5 years ago, where I met my best friend, confidante and the one my heart adores – the one and only Ben Reid. I have the immense privilege of marrying this incredible man and I am greatly looking forward to the start of our next adventure together.

The Bridesmaids


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Hi my name is Anny, I am Grace’s Maid of Honour. I am very German!
I lived with Grace for a year, opposite Ben’s house, and have known Grace for 4 years. There is so much I could say and I just don’t know where to start…I love Grace’s crazy moments, and that she always has some wisdom for me when I need it, our cheese and olive evenings, duvet days, and watching Friends. We have a tendency to hang out with hairy men a lot – like Ben and PJ (you know who you are).

I moved back to Germany 15 months ago to study Social Work and one of the hardest things was to not have Grace and Ben in my everyday life anymore…but YAY WEDDING! If you can’t recognise me on the day, from my photo, I will be the one crying all day (from happiness)!
I met Ben for the first time when I gate-crashed his 30th Birthday party. I got to know and love him over the last few years, and more so after we both started working in the same place, and having car chats as he drove me to work. I cant remember how many times I messaged him ‘Ben! We are late for work!’
I am so excited for Ben and Grace, their wedding day, and the start of their journey together as a married couple. Super, looking forward to meeting loads of their family and friends. You rock!
Gratulation (hashtaggerman)!



I’m Ruth and the beautiful bride-to-be is my sister. She joined me in the world when I was 17 months old. Growing up we played Barbies together and had to enrol our brother Sam’s Action Men to ensure we had a man each. She’s an incredible violinist and I love that she’s able to share her love of music with Ben. I wouldn’t have met my fiancé Jim if it weren’t for her help in moving to Southampton so I owe her a lot! I’m looking forward to the possibility of more gingers in the family as it looks like both Ben and Grace carry the gene required 😛



Hello fellow friends of Ben and Grace, my name is Amy-Louisa and it is my pleasure to be a bridesmaid at this most glorious of occasions. When I first met Grace it was like being introduced to a ray of sunshine and ever since I have grown to be in awe of her golden heart, always looking to love others, to build people with the power of words, serve people in the most creative ways and to live with honesty of heart.

Ben is truly one of the most serving, tender hearted, manly men I know and it has been beautiful to watch him capture the heart of his bride. I have extensive experience (7 years!) of being married to a Ben and 4 months ago we had the joy of welcoming our little son, Leopold, into the world (he’s so cute). I love to travel, read, go out for walks in the rain, sing the wrong words to songs, watch movies multiple times, dance awesomely, drink all the coffee, eat all the cake and talk anything and everything Jesus

The Best Man and Ushers



The Best Man.
3) Genius. Billionaire. Playboy. Philanthropist. Chronic Liar.

4) Mikey lives alone in a small village on the Shetland Islands. He has recently taken a step back from his astonishingly successful bespoke celebrity-baby-name-generating business to focus on his burgeoning talent in erotic pottery. Or erottery if you will..

5) “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!”
Activities: none
Sports: none
Honours: none

6) I am Iron Man



“Standing at just 3 ft 7, the five time winner of the Tiniest Hipster award and the 2014 Southampton Rear of the Year, Ryan Elderflower Galpin is a distinctive, yet not uncommon, sight roaming the purple corridors of Central Hall.
Curator of both the most magnificent, stately beard and a terrifyingly extensive wedding pinterest board, Mr Galpin defies all logic and attempts to understand him.

The only other client of Noel Edmond’s personal shopper, Ryan wages a terrible, daily war against fashion and the sanctity of the English language. His laugh can be heard up to 3 miles away. Some say he lives his life with the sole goal of making the best man’s speech at his own wedding alarmingly simple to write.

Pocket-size, unflappable, loyal and charmingly odd, he is a useful addition to any team of ushers. 8.5/10“



“Dave is one of a kind, and when I say one of a kind, what I mean is, he’s just like most people.”
Oliver Spectacles

“I only met him once, but when I did, I knew right at that moment that he was called Dave.”
Henrietta Incubator-Jones

“How to sum up a guy like Dave? He’s average… I mean he’s so middle of the road… it’s quite breathtaking really.”
Herbert Von Screwdriver

“What most people don’t realise about Dave is that the fangs are totally real. It looks like some kind of hipster fashion statement, but they actually grew naturally.”
Roland Peas

“As a pro drummer, his rhythm is timeless – absolutely timeless.”
Hans Flömstrup

“3/5 Stars”
Chintz Monthly

“Dave Lombardo? Sure! I heard him playing drums with Slayer back in ’89… oh man, he was on fire!… what? Longman? Er… no…”
Jayne Shinyshoes

“He still owes you money, fool.”
Aretha Franklin



Some say that God carved him out of pure bronze, intending to use him as the template for the first man but decided against it, as he was ‘too close’ to the Creator’s own image.

Some say that he once played an entire 2 hour drum solo using nothing more than a double kick pedal and a protein shake.

Others say that if you lined up the entire population of mankind in order of how comfortable they are with their masculinity, this man would be at the very front of the queue. Wearing a pink mankini. And a tiara.

All we know is, he’s called RussBoni.



Ben and I met in a Sheffield pub on May 18, 2008 and the bromance has blossomed since. Not long after we left the (Nottingham) Shire and headed out on many adventures. These exploits led to encounters with White Swans, Griffins, Red Lions, Ravens, and Hobbits (sic) and their outcomes were often legendary. Along the way we met some wonderful individuals. We were delayed and sidetracked by CJ and his precious music, aided and abetted by Gareth’s beard of knowledge, and encouraged by Dave the slightly balding wizard, but thanks to the steadfastness and wisdom of Lee the journey continued. A year ago the quest got serious and although we couldn’t pass that winter Ben’s true heart means we are finally able to deliver the ring this November.

Mikey Oldfield

Mikey Oldfield. Not the one with glasses who sings. Mikey (Oldfield), film producer and photographer (not worship leader), has lived with Ben and all his stuff in two houses, been to Germany with Grace and had many chilled times with the two of them. He is greatly anticipating the huge party that will be Ben & Grace’s wedding, and seeing how bearded their offspring will one day be.
Look out for Mikey on the day, who will most likely be with co-usher Ryan as we herd you all!