Who’s coming to what?

We are hoping that all our friends will join us for the Ceremony in Central Hall at noon. We are also hoping you will all stick around for the party in the evening, also at Central Hall.

Unfortunately, we only have around 40 seats for friends at the sit-down meal (at the Dancing Man Brewery) which means we haven’t been able to include some of our very best and most long-standing friends to that part of the day – we hope and trust that you are not offended if you haven’t been invited!

For those that we couldn’t fit into The Dancing Man, we are providing a buffet lunch in Central Hall at 1430, followed by games, to be delivered by Ben’s ushers (and ex-housemates) Ryan and Mikey. There will also be Hog-roast in the evening.

We hope that we’ve guessed right for numbers, but food is provided first come first served. We would just ask that our friends who live locally (and will be more easily able to eat elsewhere if the need arises) would allow some time for our friends from further afield to eat first.

If you’re unsure which part of the day you’re invited to, please email info@sparklegrace.com